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In the present day of globalization, technology and open economy, CICTR believe that people have equal opportunity to succeed.  Unfortunately, many barriers exist to achieving this goal.  CICTR are working to overcoming these obstacles.

CICTR assist individuals & organizations in reaching their potential & success through a tailored education programme & services.

CICTR is a social enterprise and our team provide education & technology-based services. We manage 18 regular projects to ensure the success of all. Our stakeholders (students, trainees, clients & staffs) have the opportunities to study & work at home and abroad and put their skills and knowledge into practice. CICTR’s Vision facilitates the success for all. All achievements are possible, only if stakeholders adhere to our culture and processes.

We are registered in the UK and Bangladesh. It all began in 2007, Mrs. Azmery Jahan and Dr. Monir Bhuiyan founded Creative Solving Ltd., a company providing IT and training services based in Wrexham, UK, after completing their Masters study at Glyndŵr University, Wrexham, UK. The company was started in innovation centre of the University. Later Glyndŵr University contacted them to recruit Bangladeshi students for the university. 3 years after, working with different universities and colleges worldwide, Creative Institutes of Careers, Technology & Research (CICTR) was established. Following its motto(You deserve to succeed) and to ensure success of stakeholders, all services are grouped as CICTR Service. CICTR have partnerships across the globe including USA, Canada, UK and Russia. 

CICTR have office in United Kingdom, two campuses and two offices in Bangladesh including Creative Education and Social Complex. Its partner network is growing to facilitate success for stakeholders. CICTR services are: 

  • High quality & disciplined education (School & College)
  • Training/Learning from home
  • Worldwide partner institutes for study abroad
  • R&D, IT & Careers services to enhance employment, opportunities & development.
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